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Saggital section of the head

Big Changes at Kraken Kreations

The eagle-eyed among you may well have spotted that something is afoot here at Kraken Kreations. This here website keeps shifting about, products have been disappearing, I keep tweaking my social media output… That’s because I’ve booted Kraken Kreations up the arse. After almost seven years of hand sewing as well as embroidering, I’ve decided […]

bunting cactus

8 Handsewing Commissioning Mistakes to Avoid

Thinking it’s expensive It’s not. You can commission me to make one of my £10 bundles and it’ll cost exactly the same as the ones off the shelf. In fact most of the commissions I receive don’t cost a penny more than the ones you can already see. When it comes to handsewing commissioning mistakes […]

fabric shelves

5 ways I use fabric scraps

Got a pile of fabric scraps? Don’t know what to do with them? Already despairing of the latest lockdown? Well stop crying in the bathroom as the kids get home-schooled by CBBeebies. Here’s what I do with my fabric scraps when I want a pick-me-up especially during wintery days… Decorate a bullet journal One of […]


Handmade gifts for awkward people

Ever struggle with gifts for awkward people? I hear you. My nanna would routinely return her Crimbo gifts in January. So here are a pile of handmade gift ideas for friends and family who routinely make you want to headbutt Santa in his grotto… They insist on eco-friendly And rightly so. Who doesn’t want to […]

kidney new 26

12 Tips for Commissioning an Anatomical Embroidery

If you ever fancied commissioning an anatomical embroidery you’re in luck. Problem is, the word ‘commission’ makes the whole process sound way fancier than it actually is. There’s no mystery to asking me to stab fabric until a kidney appears though. So if you didn’t know where to start, here’s what you need to know. […]

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