Triple-layer face mask



So, due to mahoosive demand here’s the Kraken Kreations triple-layer face mask, especially for your Coronavirus pleasure.

It’s made of hree layers of soft cotton which has been pleated to fit around your rather lovely face. The outer layer is in a shouty print of your choice (read on for more) and the inner layers are a plain but coordinating fabric. The whole lot is finished with elastic loops that fit around your ears. Of course, this is a reuseable face mask so you can pop it in the washing machine after each use. Try to not put it in the tumble dryer or run a hot iron over it though because it’ll degrade the elastic. You have been warned.

As for available prints, here’s the deal: you can chose any of the prints you can see here for your mask. They’ve been numbered so just tell me that number when you go through the ordering process (there’ll be a box that allows you to include notes about your order on the page where you type in your postal address). Oh, and if you specifically want a SWEARY MASK just type ‘sweary’ in that box.

If you don’t specify a choice of fabric you’ll receive a random print instead. And if there isn’t a print that you like here, message me directly [email protected] and I may be able to source it for you. Just ask!

Oh, and remember, these masks are NOT medical grade or considered PPE. They are for your own personal use and it remains YOUR responsibility and duty to stay safe. They must be washed between each use and never shared with anybody else. Seriously, don’t assume that these exempt you from the virus guidelines stipulated by your government. And while you may feel wonderfully medical while wearing a mask, I also suggest resisting the urge to perform surgery on anyone just for the hell of it.

PLEASE NOTE! Due to the lockdown chaos that is home schooling (I’m already in special measures on that front) your order will take anything from 6 – 8 weeks to process. In most cases I will make and post your order well before this but this cannot be guaranteed so be aware of this wait before you order.

Finally, it would be an enormous help to this one-woman mask factory if you don’t request updates on your order until you reach this six week point (by which time you’ll probably have your masks). It’s not that I’ve run off to Panama with your money. It’s that I get many requests for updates long before an order’s due date and this seriously eats into the time I can spend actually making masks. I know it’s hard to be patient but your patience will be rewarded with a metric fuck-tonne of virtual love. Thank you.


Each face mask is approx 34 cms long. This includes the unstretched loop of elastic on each side of the mask. Please check that this will fit your lovely face because once masks have been made they will not be replaced if they are too big/ small.





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