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What you REALLY pay for when you buy an anatomical embroidery

So I know that loads of you want to buy an anatomical embroidery from me. Thing is, the moment I mention the price, loads of you also back away. Bugger! And I get it. My pieces start at £300 and it IS a bit of an investment. But here’s what you don’t know: as an investment you are getting a LOT for your money. The embroidery might be on a nine inch hoop but here’s why you are getting sooo much more than that.

The Niche

When you buy an anatomical embroidery you’re really buying the lining up of the planets. What I mean is, you’ve found that weird spot in the universe where a random human understands and enjoys embroidery enough to recreate a spleen through the medium of single-strand French knots. That’s not something you find on many Instagram embroidery accounts. In short, you pay these sums because what you want is so specialist that most people don’t even know this shit exists.

The Knowledge

I don’t have a single medical qualification. Let’s get that out of the way. However, I DO have a metric fuck-tonne of books on anatomy, biology, medicine and dissection. I also dissect when I can (thank my cat’s kill and services that provide students with organs for study). Then I combine all of the info to create a piece that is bang-on accurate. It’s why medics, surgeons and clinicians buy my pieces. They can (thankfully) appreciate and love that I haven’t just done my own rendition of a human organ. I have actually replicated it in thread. You’re welcome.

The Research

Soooo much work goes into these pieces. Before they are even stitched here’s what you get when you buy an anatomical embroidery: hours spent finding the best image, pouring through anatomy and dissection books, dissecting organs where I can to understand textures, checking any copyright issues, transferring the design to fabric, labouring over the most accurate thread colours (a BIG job upon which the whole piece depends) and setting side anything up to 45 hours work. And that’s before I have so much as sworn at a needle.

The Time

Talking of 45 hours of work, when you buy an anatomical embroidery from me you really do get work. It’s perfectly normal for me to spend a seven-hour day focused on just a couple of inches of fabric. This shit takes time, especially when working in single strands of thread. Which brings me to…

The Detail

Soooo much detail. Check out my Instagram feed. You’ll routinely see my progress shots with my embroidery next to a thimble or 20p piece. There’s not a single centimetre of my fabric which doesn’t get maximum thought and detail. Oh, and my stitches are often just two or three millimetres in length to create a precise effect. It is bloody ruining my eyes but it’s worth it (if I do say so myself).

The Skill

I tell the students of my Easy Embroidery! online course that my pieces only ever contain three types of stitch. And that’s true. But the skill is in how the stitches are used, shading with thread and the direction of your work. In short, it’s the tricky bit. That’s what you get when you buy an anatomical embroidery: the tricky bits. Each of my pieces come to life because I instinctively know how to handle colour, stitch placement and perspective.

The Accuracy

When you buy an anatomical embroidery from me, it is all about the accuracy. I won’t just wang in a blood vessel because it’ll cover that bit of bone I can’t be arsed to stitch. I’ll stitch the organ exactly how it should beeven if that means taking longer,  whipping out my magnifying glass and occasionally crying in my shed. Seriously, my attention to accuracy is terrifying.

The Choice

You don’t just have to buy an anatomical embroidery that I have already stitched. You can have any image you like to suit your interest or specialism. When you commission a piece we’ll have a chat about what you want. You can either give me an image that you love or I can find one for you. I’ll then tell you what it’ll costs and you can decide whether to go ahead. It means that you get to chose from the whole of the human body, not just what I’ve previously stitched.

The Customer Service

When you buy an anatomical embroidery I will love you forever. Oh, and you get excellent customer service. As each piece takes several weeks I’ll keep you posted with updates of my progress and arrange with you the best way to send it. While I can’t make any changes to a piece once we have decided which image to go with, I’ll make sure you are always kept up to date progress.

And if you DO want to buy an anatomical embroidery? Feel free to just ask! Email me at [email protected] with whatever you have in mind (seriously, go full wish list on me) and we can chat about how I can help. There’s no obligation and when I give you a price it’s entirely up to you whether you want to go ahead. Give it a try!