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12 Tips for Commissioning an Anatomical Embroidery

If you ever fancied commissioning an anatomical embroidery you’re in luck. Problem is, the word ‘commission’ makes the whole process sound way fancier than it actually is. There’s no mystery to asking me to stab fabric until a kidney appears though. So if you didn’t know where to start, here’s what you need to know.

Pick an artist you love. Ok, I’ll stop being coy. Pick me. ME. There. I said it.

You don’t have to be super specific about what you want. A rough idea is fine, as long as you know you’d like it to be of a female pelvis or a group of muscles, for example. I’ll then show you suitable images until you see one that you love.

Be honest about money, whether you want to spend a tenner or thousands. I can then tell you what you’ll get for the price. My more affordable hoops start at £55 plus postage but my bigger ones go for £500 a pop. You won’t offend me if you ask for something even more affordable (or ideally expensive enough for me to buy a private pool) and I’ll be straight with you if it can’t be done. And at no point does this mean you are obligated to buy, either.

Be prepared to pay up front when commissioning an anatomical embroidery. I won’t start a piece until I have the dough because my pieces take up so much time and I don’t want you dropping off the radar when it’s done. I also use Paypal so we we are both covered if one of us buggers off to Panama (not that I intend to unless you DO pay me enough to buy a private pool)

Feel free to ask for a specific skin colour or tone. Too often anatomical images have only Caucasian skin tones. That doesn’t have to be the case though especially when you commission a piece. Just tell me what skin colour or tone you are after and I will do my best to represent it in thread.

If the piece is a gift, commission it with lots of time to spare. I work to approx. 4 – 6 week deadlines for small pieces and up to three months for larger ones. So asking me to knock up a set of lymph nodes for next weekend won’t work. Think ahead as much as you can, especially for graduations, birthdays and Christmas.

Be ready for questions when commissioning an anatomical embroidery. I’d rather ask you a load of questions up front and get your piece bang on than be coy about the process and make you pay for something you want to chuck on a bonfire.

Tell me if you have a deadline. It really helps to know that you need the item for a specific date. Some customers are happy to receive their commission any time in the next few months. Others want it by 10pm four Saturdays from now. If you let me know I’ll make sure you get it when you want it.

If you haven’t seen a piece that you like in my collection, it just hasn’t been stitched yet. Throw your requests and ideas at me and I’ll happily rise to any embroidery-based challenge.

Tell me if you want to commission an anatomical embroidery in specific colours. If it’s your lifelong dream to own an embroidery of a teal retinal nerve I’m more than happy to see what I can do. And if it doesn’t suit the image I’ll be upfront with you and we can find a way to incorporate it even in a small way.

Remember that there are no stupid questions. EVER. I run an online embroidery course where I even teach my amazing students how to thread a needle. I’d be furious if you were put off commissioning an anatomical embroidery because you, very reasonably, don’t understand hoop sizes. Neither did I until I started. Just ask.

Sit back and relax. Once the payment is made I’ll need nothing more from you than the time to make the piece. If it’s a big piece that’ll take much longer than 6 weeks I’ll keep you posted with progress shots. Otherwise, wait for the postie to deliver your little bundle of stitchy goodness!

So if you ARE interested in commissioning an anatomical embroidery from me, just email me at [email protected] Check out my small pieces which take up to six weeks or my larger pieces which take longer. And remember to just ask if you can’t see anything you love!