Handmade gifts for awkward people

Ever struggle with gifts for awkward people? I hear you. My nanna would routinely return her Crimbo gifts in January. So here are a pile of handmade gift ideas for friends and family who routinely make you want to headbutt Santa in his grotto…

They insist on eco-friendly

And rightly so. Who doesn’t want to save the planet? But it DOES narrow the gift-buying playing field. So help them with the basics if you don’t know what else to do. My washable facial pads come in sets of ten random prints, although you are welcome to request one particular print or theme. I also make envelopes for them to be easily popped into the wash. And if you really want to get personal, what about my reusable sanitary pads? It’s a bit leftfield for a Crimbo gift but they really are the gift that keeps on giving. You can find out how to commission them here and they are made to order including in your fave prints. And remember that all of these are compostable and if you want me to make items in organic cottons, I’m happy to source them for you.

They’re creative enough to make what they want

So use it to your advantage. One of my great gifts for awkward people is my Easy Embroidery! online course. It’s designed especially for complete beginners and shows them how to do 12 stitches along with design techniques and professional hoop finishing. Each lesson consists of a film and written lesson notes which are packed with hints, tips, practice notes and challenges. Even better, the recipient gets access to my exclusive Easy Embroidery! Facebook group where they’ll receive loads of help and support as well as others on the same journey. They can do the course in their own time too because once it has been bought it is theirs forever. By this time next year they could even be making their own handmade gifts!

They’re too busy to have hobbies

You know exactly who I’m talking about: they have jobs, kids, pets, hobbies, houses, cars and all of the frantic, bug-eyed chaos that goes with the attendant plate spinning. The chances are that they could do with a spot of colourful organisation in their lives. My handmade gifts include a caddy, a desktop tub or sky pockets for their workspace, a pocket ladder for their bathroom or bedroom, a car bucket for their people carrier or a notice board for the millions reminders they need to call the optician/ plumber/ childminder.

They’re really fussy about what they want

That’s why I’m here. I’ve been making gifts for awkward people for years. Whether it’s a bag with specifically shaped pockets or a phrased embroidered hoop I’ll make it for you. You can chose the size, shape, colours, fabric… in fact you can hit me with a wish list and I’ll come up with the design and price then you can decide whether to buy. It certainly beats trawling a Covid-riddled high street on a search for a bag that doesn’t actually exist. Yet.

They’re hobby obsessed

And this is why you need a list of gifts for awkward people: because when your mother says she wants something to help her carve owls into whiskey barrels the high street is useless. Fact is, it doesn’t matter if they sew, crochet, knit, paint, decoupage or assemble giant replicas of the Titanic out of toilet roll holders. I can make an accessory for them. From my yarny travels bags and project cases thorough to my storage pockets, desktop tubs and caddies you can buy one off the shelf or I can make one in any size, shape and colour. I even make cash aprons for people who sell their creations at craft fairs, aprons for crafters and will happily rustle up any handmade gifts that you have too.

They have BIG opinions

We all know someone who makes our jaws drop with the things they say or do. What you need is fun Christmas gift ideas that will make THEIR jaw drop on Christmas Day. You could give them a sweary hoop, a bundle or just a subversive tree hoop, all of which should tickle their shouty-bone. I’ll hand-embroider their fave phrase or an in-joke on anything you like from on a piece of textile art to a sneaky secret label on the inside of a slouch bag. Let your imagination run amok! But just don’t raise the issue over Christmas dinner unless you want to see your stuffing over the walls.

They are (expensively) gadget mad

OK, so you may not be able to invest in the latest PS4 but think laterally. For someone addicted to their kit I can make any phone sleeve or flip-open cover with pockets. Course I can do them in any fabric you like too. If your gadget lover has a thing about daschunds or chemistry or gardening, let me know and I can source a fabric that they’ll love (usually at no extra cost). And all you have to do is give me the make and model or the actual measurements of the gadget you have in mind and I’ll make the cover to fit.

They want very specific colour

If you can’t find the right colour red or blue or the, well, red or blue lover in your life, leave it to me. I’ll find it for you and make any item you like in that colour. I’ve made everything from notice boards to gadget covers in customers’ fave colours, especially for those who love a specific footy or cricket club. You just have to tell what you want and in what colours and I’ll do the fabric sourcing. I’m happy to work with a range of fabrics to create the right look too. So if you’re desperate for an iPad cover in puce and daffodil stripes, I can stitch it up.

They already have everything they need

You really do need gifts for awkward people don’t you? Well, I have four words for you: Joy Division oven gloves. They’re just one example of the left-field things I make for my customers. I genuinely doesn’t matter how out-there are your handmade gifts ideas. If it’s made with fabric I can make it, whether it’s a hand-embroidered hoop with a particular message on it, a backpack, personalised bunting or a cover for a special book. You can choose the colour or fabrics and it will be made to your exact spec. Just message me at [email protected] to chat over what you want.

Oh, and don’t forget…

…if that’s not enough you can find out what you need to know to commission an item here and how I’ve solved the problems of individual customers with my stitching here. I even address your commissioning concerns here. You can also read about why my embroidery hoops are a bargain and why we should gift more sweary textile art.

If you’re inspired by any of the above, let me know NOW so we can chat about it what you want without even a whiff of obligation to you. Just email me at [email protected] with whatever is in your head and together we’ll bag you all the Crimbo brownie points you can stand. Deal? Deal!