Hand Embroidered Hoop: It’s not me



This ‘It’s not me’ hoop is a reminder that it’s Ok to tell some people to just fuck off.  I sniggered to myself for the stitching of each word because there are so many people to whom I’d like to shout it. It is all hand embroidered with the lettering at the centre of the hoop. It’s then finished with a floral design because it creates an illusion of traditional embroidery. It’s a cracking deception because it looks dainty and sweet but it’s only when you read it that you get the full effect. The hoop comes with a hanging loop at the top and the back is hand stitched into place with felt.

NB: I can stitch any short swear word or message you like on a hoop so you don’t have to stick to this one. You can also chose your fave colours. Just message me directly to discuss what you’d like [email protected] or DM me at facebook/krakenkreations.


The hoop is 9ins in diameter.


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