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It’s no coincidence that I launched these hoops of hope in February. In the UK it’s a month associated with grim weather and it feels as if spring will never bloody come. In short, it’s a time when we need hope and, more specifically, hoops of hope!

So this range of small 4 inch hoops has been designed to remind you that better, sunnier and warmer days are ahead in very possible way. Perhaps you are sick of the snow and drizzle? Maybe you need to remember that your circumstances will improve? Or could it be that you want reassurance that your mood will lift?

That’s why each hoop of hope has a hand-embroidered phrase and motif that immediately raises your spirits. I’ve thought carefully about each one, choosing images and colours that remind us to look forward and hope. And don’t forget that it’s not just us who need to look forward to better days. They are also perfect for friends and family who are struggling under a heavy load. Frantic family life, medical treatments, unexpected disasters… there’s a hoop of hope for all of them.

And at just 4 inches in size you can pop them where they’ll make the most impact. Hang or prop them up in your fave spot, near a work space on a wall that you pass over and again. That way each time you see your hoop of hope you’ll get the lift that you need.

So fuck February. Chase it away with one of my hoops of hope. Sunnier days are ahead. I promise.


Approx 4 ins/ 10 cms


NB If you love these hoops but want one with your own fave phrase on it (hopeful or otherwise) just let me know. Chances are I can do it at no extra charge. Just drop me a line at [email protected] where we can chat about what you want and how I can help.



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