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Your Face Mask Questions, Answered!

Loads of you have face mask questions for me. And let’s be fair: until a couple of months ago none of us ever thought we’d need such an item so there are lots of questions to be asked. So to save you staggering about in the dark when it comes to buying a fancy muzzle, check out this little lot below. Onwards!

I want a face mask! How do I get one?

Your first port of call should be my product page which is right here. It’ll answer loads of your face mask questions. You’ll see 36 prints to chose from and all you do is pick your faves then tell me what they are when you go through the ordering process. The hardest part is deciding whether to go with a shouty batik fabric or a fabric with ‘motherfucker’ written across it.

Do you make them in different sizes?

Sometimes. My masks are approx 34 cms long and this includes the unstretched elastic loop at each end. I’ve found that this fits 95% of purchasers. Please be aware of this size before you order though. Once you have received your masks you will not be able to send them back for altering. If you think you’ll need a mask with longer or shorter loops feel free to discuss it with me and I’ll let you know if I can make them (and there’s every chance that I can). If you want to check whether my mask will fit, just measure from the front of one ear to the other, across your face, remembering that the 34 cm elastic will stretch when worn.

How protective are your face masks?

Well, they are triple layered with closely woven cotton fabrics which is exactly what a good mask needs. Remember though, that nothing keeps you as safe from the Coronavirus as hand washing and social distancing and it is YOUR responsibility to stay safe. Fabric face masks are just one tool in your kit and should be used to protect others from you rather than to protect you from others. I cannot stress enough how wearing one of my masks does not make you magically immune to Covid-19. Just make sure you are following the guidelines of your own government. You’ve been warned.

Why is there a 6 – 8 week wait for orders?

It’s down to lots of reasons. Home-schooling means that my official working week has been almost halved (I’m trying to not rely on midnight trips to my sewing shed). Also, I get dozens of orders each week. It means I have waaaay more sewing work than usual and waaaay less time in which to do it. Add to that the impact of lockdown on the sale and delivery of fabrics, elastic and packaging and six weeks is a pretty conservative wait (I know it doesn’t feel like it). Just be patient because I appreciate every order and your masks will always get to you on or before time.

Any chance of a shorter wait because of my particular circumstances?

This is one of the face mask questions I get a lot. I appreciate that lots of you are under pressure to get masks quickly for the vulnerable or people suddenly going back to work etc. However, I get so many such requests that they seriously impact on orders that have already been placed with me. It means I can’t shorten your waiting time, however desperate you are. To keep things democratic I’m afraid you’ll have to wait patiently in the digital queue. Sorry!

Is my face mask order ready yet?

Chances are that if you have to ask it’s not. I send masks out as soon as they are made so you’ll get them a few days after they’re done. Also it’d be a much-needed help if you don’t ask after your order until you hit the 6 week deadline. I get many emails every day, from people chasing orders just a couple of weeks into their wait. Ironically it seriously impacts on the time I have to sew their actual orders! While I’m more than happy to help where I can, you’ll get your order faster if you just sit tight. Thank you!

Can I change the style of my mask from pleated to duck-bill?

Sometimes. In rare cases. Kind of. Ish. Whether I actually say yes to you will depend on how many mask orders I’m handling over the coming weeks. Sometimes the volume of orders is such that getting them out on time is completely dependent on quick and seamless production. If I have to redesign too many orders this significantly slows things down. In short, you are free to ask and I am free to give a yay or nay. That make sense?

How do I care for my face mask

In all sorts of little ways. Check out how to get the most out of your purchase with this blog post. It answers loads of face mask questions from how to wash, dry, iron and even stop your mask infecting surfaces when you’re out and about. Get stuck in!

Can I order a fabric you don’t have?

Yes. If you tell me exactly what theme or motif you want I’ll send you a list of links to suitable fabrics. You then just have to pick one. That’s when I will price up your masks for you. In 99% of cases this does not change the mask price but if the fabric is significantly more expensive it will cost more. I won’t order in the fabric until I have received your payment though so only go ahead if you are happy with what we have discussed

Do you make children’s sizes?

You won’t find them on my face mask product page but I am happy to discuss this with you. I’ll want to know what age child you are buying for and I can arrange the masks from there. Be aware, though, that this may not be possible during especially frantic sewing times but you are welcome to ask and I will my very best try to oblige.

Can I use the discount in my monthly Kraken Kreations newsletter?

If there is no time, product or one-off limit on it then yes, you can. If you have a 15% discount it means each mask costs just £5.10 rather than £6. Just add postage and order! And if you want to sign up to my newsletter you can do that right here.

That little lot covers most of the face mask questions but if I haven’t answered your question feel free to get in touch. I’m at [email protected] or you can find me @krakenkreations on Facebook or @krakenkreatonscath on Instagram. See you there!